Practice for Traditional Chinese Medicine
Welcome! Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a centuries-old healing art. TCM has established itself in the western world as a holistic alternative to conventional medicine - in particular when it comes to the treatment of modern diseases such as burn-out, lack of energy, general pains, a weak immune system and a variety of other indications.
In TCM a holistic analysis is of highest importance. In my careful Diagnosis I consider the whole person and his/her life energy. With effective methods such as acupuncture, herbs, moxa and cupping I treat energy blockages and ensure that the inner harmony is restored.
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Practice for Traditional Chinese Medicine
I was born in China and have been living in Switzerland since 1991. I have studied TCM in China and Switzerland. Over the years I have had the opportunity to learn in in renowned swiss hospitals and private medical practices. In 2008 I opened my own practice. I speak fluent German, English and Chinese (Mandarin), through which I have access to Chinese literature not available in translation.
In TCM, I have found my true calling. My treatments are done with a lot of passion and profound knowledge. For this, I regularily attend courses and seminars. I consider myself lucky to be a student of Wu Sheng An ( China), one of the world's most famous and best mentors of TCM. The regular exchange with other Chinese Masters is very important and enriching for me and my work.
My career:
  • Member SBO -TCM , Swiss professional organization for TCM
  • Study of Chinese medicinal herbs on the Tao Chi School of Chinese Medicine, Switzerland
  • Bachelor's degree in Chinese medicine at the Shannxi University of Chinese Medicine, China
  • Master in Business and Engineering at the ETH Zurich, Switzerland
  • Diploma in Electrical Engineering from Xian Jiaotong University, China
Yu Ning Chen
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Practice for Traditional Chinese Medicine
The following indications can be treated particularly efficient with   the methods of TCM. This selection of important application areas is not exhaustive, however, it gives an impression of the various   applications of TCM.

Disorders of the immune system

e.g. Susceptibility to infectious diseases and colds

Psychosomatic disorders

e.g. Burnout , exhaustion , stress, mild depression , sleeplessness ,   anxiety and stress disorders

Orthopedic diseases

e.g. chronic back pain, arthritis, osteoarthritis , rheumatoid

Respiratory diseases

e.g. Asthma , chronic bronchitis, frontal and anxcillary sinusitis

Allergies and skin diseases

e.g. Eczema , atopic dermatitis , psoriasis, shingles , Wound healing disorders , hay fever

Gastro-intestinal disorders

e.g. overacidified stomach, inflammation of the gastric mucosa, Constipation and diarrhea

Neurological Disorders

e.g. Tinnitus , migraine / headache , paralysis of the facial nerve

Obstetrics and Gynecology

e.g. Pregnancy symptoms , Prenatal Care, Menstrual and fertility disorders , inflammation , PMS, Breast tenderness , climacteric and menopausal complaints

Urological diseases

e.g. Cystitis, prostatitis , incontinence

Internal Diseases

e.g. high or low blood pressure, diabetes , anemia , obesity

Cancer / chemotherapy

e.g. Can pain, nausea / vomiting , hot flashes , fatigue, Alleviate anxiety disorders , mood disorders and sleep disorders
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Practice for Traditional Chinese Medicine
In my extensive diagnostics I look at the people in an holistic and energetic aspect. In TCM, the health of every human being depends on the balance of the opposing forces of yin and yang. If they are in balance, the body and mind are healthy. If one is the excessively strong or weak, it leads to an imbalance and disease. The interaction of Yin and Yang creates the life energy, the Qi. If the Qi can flow freely there man is in harmony, disturbed qi flows lead to disease. Therefore, the aim of the treatment is always to balance of Yin and   Yang and to free Qi Circulation.
I combine the traditional diagnostic methods of TCM (tongue and pulse diagnosis, questioning the patient as well as my own observations ) and then create the individual treatment plan which may containin one or more TCM methods:
- Acupuncture
- Herbal Therapy
- Moxibustion
- Cupping
I'm recognized by the cantonal health authorities and by all health insurers in the supplementary insurance.
cost: Initial treatment 90 min , follow-up treatments 60 minutes : CHF 130.- per hour Per prescription for herbal therapy : CHF 50.-
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Practice for Traditional Chinese Medicine
A severe middle ear infection triggeres Tinnitius in both my ears. After two sensational treatments my tinnitus was gone forever. The rapid and sustained healing success has motivated me to take further treatment of my kidney energy in order to suistainably build up my life energy. I highly recommend Yu Ning.
Melanie K.
I especially appreciate Yunings treatments because of the holistic   approach. She skillfully combines her expertise with and takes the necessary   time for a personal, problem-oriented discussions.
Patrick L.
In 2013 I suddenly experienced chronic pain in my right shoulder. Even after x-ray and RMI the doctors were no able to come up with a   diagnosis. After weeks of physical therapy, which also did not helped,   I was diagnosed with "Frozen Shoulder ". Yu Ning used only a few session to "dissolve" my pains and also improved my general well-being. Her treatments are very comfortable and help you to recharge your batteries.
D.R aus Z.
The energy blockage in my body has meant that the energy flow in my body has been disturbed. This has led to strong Insomnia and I have suffered from fatigue. Thanks to successful treatments I regained my energy and feel again   strengthened and refreshed. I strongly recommend Yu Ning and the treatments.
Simon K.
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Practice for Traditional Chinese Medicine
Please contact me for further information or to arrange an appointment. I look forward to meet you.
Practice for Traditional Chinese Medicine, Yu Ning Chen, Dipl. Acupuncturist, SBO-TCM
Phone 044 380 63 10
Mobile 079 407 16 58
Hours in Zürich:
Monday, Friday (all day)
Saturday on request.

Streulistrasse 28
CH-8032 Zürich
Hours In Geroldswil:
Tuesday, Thursday (from 11:00)
Saturday on request.

Steinhaldenring 8b
CH-8954 Geroldswil
Take Tram-Nr. 3, 8 or 15 until the stop Hölderlinstrasse (one stop before the end stop Klusplatz).
From Dietikon railwaystation with Bus 301, 302 oder 304 towards Geroldswil (Stop: Geroldswil Dorfstrasse).
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Practice for Traditional Chinese Medicine
I am happy to share with you interesting information from the Traditional Chinese Medicine, which I was able to gather during my further education or in practical experience.
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